Part 1.

The word robot was first used to denote an artificial huminoid in the 1921 stage play 'RUR' by Karel Capek. 'Rossum's Universal Robots' (which sounds like a cosy brand of house cleaning automata) introducing the word robot to the English language. We've moved onto cyborg, android and clone to describe the creatures we mistake for humans who think they think for themselves but are inclined to lack empathy and often have a tendancy to go AWOL and murder their benevolent employers as in Metropolis or any number of Japanese pulp Sci-Fi movies. Jumping forward through the time space continuum we find ourselves working and living and breathing and walking and eating and typing  to the tune of the ultimate robot....The Computer, a device originally appropriated by the military to control the flow of death dealing weapons and troops around the world. As with dear old RUR, the Pandora's Box called the internet soon went renegade and was appropriated by all and sundry including Edward Snowden and Hackers Inc. Of course the modern robot bears little resemblance to dear Robbie, R2D2, Tin Man, or the 101 devices constructed in the 50's to make the modern woman's life easier that were definately of the slave variety. Now we are the slaves. Just sit on a train and look at the blank rows of faces that are uniformally in thrall to their tiny robotic babies.

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