January brings a taste of new things to Kram.  We have a special treat this month and thru February.  The life of an artist for all to see.  The idea was to make an "atelier" theme and show the process of developing work from the artists sketches.  It really is a thing...


It's nearly Christmas and we have a special treat at the Kram gallery!  The man of 1000 faces shares his many fantastical papier mache visages with Earlsfield. With a magical Winterscape for your delight we welcome you to "Winter Bites" 


Darkness to Light, Untruth to the Truth, Death to Immortality.  These are the words of Rosalind Polley, our latest artist to make her mark on Earlsfield.  What a great show this is!! We have already had a lot of interest.  It will be here appropriately for Halloween an...


The Dollhouse has been so much fun!  It was fun to put together and the neighbourhood really enjoyed it.  The feedback we got was great! Now it has been taken down and donated to the local community school for the children to have their own way with.  The little pink V...


Part 1.

The word robot was first used to denote an artificial huminoid in the 1921 stage play 'RUR' by Karel Capek. 'Rossum's Universal Robots' (which sounds like a cosy brand of house cleaning automata) introducing the word robot to the English language. We've moved on...



November is halfway gone.  Locally, it has been nice to have something to view that cheers us up. The Liquid Assets show by Ricky Leaver has been a welcome presence in the neighborhood. It looks great at night too. The corner is brighter and warmer somehow. 


It's that time of year when the artists of Wandsworth open the doors to their homes and their hearts.  This year we will be supporting the Central Wandsworth Trail in hopes that you will visit them on the weekends of 4/5th & 10/11th of October.  There is something for...

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