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Kram Gallery Welcomes

Phillippa Egerton

Lockdown Linocuts 

by Phillippa Egerton, a local artist. 


When we went into the first lockdown, back in March Phillippa decided to produce linocut prints measuring 10cms by 10cms.  She created linocut templates, of which she now has over thirty, and she continues to create more. At least six were based directly on images of the corona virus and these were mixed in with other images. She started by printing one lino in a yellow ochre and overprinted with a different image in a different colour. Soon, the wall of her studio was festooned. She’s done about 160 prints, and that’s not including the prints with editions, but is just the number of variations done so far.  It meant that she could respond artistically to daily events.   One of the prints, “Monkey god” is showing at the exhibition “Discerning Eye” which is online this year and started on 19th November 


Phillippa spent her childhood in East Africa, which has influenced her choice of colours, forms, and patterns. Normally she does screenprints but has also done woodcuts and has won prizes for her printmaking. She also paints and does Cake heads, mainly of politicians though the Queen was an exception. Many of her paintings and screenprints are urban in character. She shows regularly, mainly in London, though this year it has been tricky….


She went to Oxford university, where she obtained a B.A Hons in history and as a mature student, trained at Chelsea School of Art (Mural Design) and Wimbledon School of Art and has an MA in printmaking. 

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